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Tax Planning, Compliance & Preparation
Federal, state and local tax laws and regulations change frequently. Zhai & Wang, LLP professionals stay abreast of the myriad of complex tax law changes in order to advise our clients of planning opportunities and keep our clients informed on how such changes will affect them. The tax professionals at Zhai & Wang, LLP have experience in tax preparation, tax research, representation at Internal Revenue Service audits, and are often guest speakers at various business league's seminars in the Silicon Valley.

  • Tax preparation for individuals, trusts, and estates
  • Corporate tax preparation and compliance
  • Tax compliance and reporting for Non-Profit organizations
  • Comprehensive tax planning for Businesses, individuals, and estates
  • Multi-state taxation
  • Personal Financial Statements
  • Corporate Reorganizations
  • Tax Opinions
  • Estate Planning
  • Personal Financial Services
Expatriate Taxation

U.S. Citizens and permanent residents are being required to prove they have filed their U.S. income tax returns no matter where they live in the world when renewing passports, applying to have a nonresident spouse live with them in the U.S., as well as other non tax related activities involving the U.S. government, like applying citizenship; applying kid's student loan, etc. Most often due to foreign tax credits and the foreign earned income exclusion, the tax returns for expatriate still does not result in any taxes owed. However, you need to file the expatriate tax return to claim your exemption status. If you ignore to file, the IRS can charge penalties for failure to file or even disallow the foreign earned income exclusion (a $80,000 tax deductible).

Zhai & Wang, LLP is one of only a handful of Bay Area firms that have expertise in tax compliance for US and Great-China tax law, tax filing and planning. Our services include:
  • Expatriate tax preparation and planning
  • Executive relocation tax and salary equalization calculation
  • IRS audit representation and defense
  • International Estate Planning (to reduce US estate tax exposure) for U.S. expatriates
  • Non-residents who own property in the U.S
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